Best Dentists in Henderson

Going to the dentist is never a fun thing to do. But it’s an essential chore for any person wanting to ensure they have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Luckily, Henderson has a range of highly qualified dentists who make coming in for a visit less painful than you might have initially perceived. Here are our top seven dentists to help make the next dentist visit a little bit more pleasurable. 

Green Valley Modern Dentistry 

This team of expert dentists make their patients feel at ease. Ensuring that they never have to wait that long in the dreaded waiting room, creating a positive and upbeat atmosphere and being extremely knowledgeable is what has given them such a great reputation in Henderson. 

4301 E Sunset Rd, St 100

Premier Dental Care

Your go-to for any general, orthodontist or cosmetic needs, this place lives up to its name of being premier. The staff are great at easing any fearful patients and take their time in answering any questions patients might have. They have no problem literally holding your hand through any procedure and it is no surprise they receive five-star reviews for drilling into teeth!

220 E Horizon Dr

David W Gates, DDS

If you’re wanting a gorgeous smile, go see David. His caring demeanour, proficiency and immaculately clean office make all his clients feel at ease. He even has a mini camera that he puts in clients’ mouths so they can visually see what he is discussing with them. You want your dentist to be a perfectionist and David and his team most certainly are!

10410 S Eastern Ave, Ste 200

Henderson Family Dental

Anyone else have a hard time getting their kids to go to the dentist? Well, they definitely won’t resist as much if you bring them to Henderson Family Dental. With a real talent for making both children and adults feel at ease in the dentist chair. Here, it’s all about the details. Which is why they even have a small refrigerator with cold bottled water to help ease any client’s nerves. 

537 S Boulder Hwy

Green Valley Smiles Dentistry 

We promise you’ll be all smiles here! Offering oral surgery, general dentistry and cosmetic procedures, Green Valley Smiles Dentistry uses the latest technology and employs a team of incredibly talented dentists. Always able to perform last minute urgent procedures, they find time to help everyone that comes to them. Located in a very convenient part of Henderson and making each visit an awesome (as awesome as the dentist can be) one, it’s no surprise this place is a crowd favorite amongst locals. 

2570 Wigwam Pkwy

Sunrise Dental Henderson 

This place only takes appointments, but for a good reason—they are always in such high demand! Offering general dentistry and teeth whitening, Sunrise Dental Henderson has a clean office, calming music and friendly service. Their online appointment system makes it easy to book and eliminates ever having to play phone tag with a dentist again! 

1550 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy

Windmill Family Dental 

Turning even the most anti-dentist people into ones that actually love coming in for an appointment, Windmill Family Dental offers amazing customer service. Always prompt and professional, coming in for an appointment here is something that their regulars look forward to. They take the time to get to know each of their patients to ensure they are comfortable and informed before getting started with any procedure. 

2550 E Windmill L, Ste 145

Have we convinced you that going to the dentist isn’t actually as bad as it’s cracked up to be? Stop procrastinating and make sure to book an appointment with one of these seven fabulous dentists in Henderson today!


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