7 Best Family Friendly Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is known for attracting the best of the best in entertainment, so it goes without saying that Vegas is home to some of the best family friendly shows in the world. From magic to dance and everything in between, there are plenty of shows to suit all ages in Vegas. We’ve put together a list of our top Family Friendly Las Vegas Shows to bring the kids along to that will make your next family holiday one to remember.

Tournament of Kings

This dinner and show is an absolute must and one that the whole family will have a blast traveling back to the Medieval Ages for. There will be jousting, dancing, singing and a massive feast fit for a king—but note it can get messy as no utensils provided! Your family will have a blast cheering on your designated knight as you watch them go head to head in jousting and sword fighting while you drink out of your medieval goblets.


David Copperfield

Known as the “Greatest Illusionist of Our Time”, David Copperfield is a Vegas classic when it comes to magic shows on the Strip. Following a remarkable television career, he has created a live performance that leaves audiences baffled and questioning reality itself. The illusions he’s created push the boundary of human comprehension and will most certainly get the kids wanting to learn how to do magic tricks themselves!


The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show

World famous hypnotist Anthony Cools will bring out all the family secrets during his hilarious hypnosis show! You’ll be put under his spell and have no control of what you say or do—providing the rest of your family with plenty of reasons to laugh! But not to worry, the whole show is catered with kids in mind, so you won’t be forced to do anything too inappropriate.


Blue Man Group

Your whole family will be in for a real treat with one of the best shows on the Strip. Creating a family fun show using primarily music through makeshift instruments, your kids will most likely be wanting to start their own makeshift band when they get home! Combining mind boggling illusions, plenty of educational moments and lots of laughs, get prepared for one of the most entertaining events your family will ever experience.



Donning white masks and gloves, this faceless dance crew will have your whole family smiling ear to ear during their energetic performance. Focusing on celebrating their entire dance community and working as a team to bring to life the music, this dance crew continues to inspire all generations to bust a move and have some fun.


Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Your whole family will be in stitches at Mac King’s hilarious jokes while also being mesmerized by his impossible magic tricks.  His assistants consist of a worm, a goldfish and a white guinea pig, he makes the ordinary seem extraordinary while also proving himself as a noteworthy comic. It’s no wonder why he’s the longest-running magician in Las Vegas!


Motown Extreme

Teach your kids what classic Motown music was all about—before the days of auto-tune! This upbeat tribute to the Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations will have your family wanting to dance all night long. The most family-friendly tribute show on the Strip is one that you don’t want to miss.


Are you excited to enjoy some of the best family entertainment in the world? Book now and start planning your next trip to Las Vegas.

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