A Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour & Lunch

It’s off to Grand Canyon’s stunning West Rim for sightseeing, a leisurely walk and a lunch. Whether you choose to experience the West Rim on the standard tour or pay a little extra for an upgraded tour with a helicopter ride and boat trip, this trip to the Grand Canyon offers one of the clearest views of the Colorado River.  Arrive at the Grand Canyon via motorcoach and enjoy a complimentary breakfast on the way. Once you arrive, those on the standard tour you will have time for a leisurely walk at Guano Point.  If you opt for the upgraded tour, prepare to be whisked to the canyon floor on a helicopter and down the Colorado River on a pontoon boat.

The helicopter will take you 4,000 feet to the canyon floor where a pontoon boat awaits. From there, sit back and relax as you journey up the Colorado River, enjoying the smooth waters and breathtaking geological forms. When the ride is complete, return to the top of the Grand Canyon via helicopter where you’ll rejoin the rest of the group for lunch. Speaking of, guests will receive a complimentary meal ticket which is good at any of the eateries at the West Rim (excluding the sit down restaurant at Eagle Point). And for those who require vegetarian and gluten free options, Grand Canyon West has you covered too.  On the way back to Las Vegas, the tour includes a stop at the 900-year-old Joshua Tree forest.

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