A Hoover Dam Express

Time is something we never have enough of, we get it. The Hoover Dam Express Tour is the quick and dirty version for folks who want to get back to the mayhem on the Strip as quickly as possible. After you get picked up, kick your feet up in the bus and enjoy what happens next. With seats and foot rests that are probably more comfortable than your living room recliner, you’re seeing the Hoover Dam is the best way possible. You’ve even got a swanky restroom on board in case of potty emergencies on the way to the Hoover Dam. The only thing missing is a cocktail waitress. Your friendly tour guide (who unfortunately will not be serving you booze – give them a break, they’re driving) will give you a rundown of everything you can expect to see at the historic Hoover Dam. You’ll learn about the construction and what it takes to keep this colossal man-made wonder running smoothly. It was a government project that was actually completed on time and under budget. That probably hasn’t happened since then (badum-bum). Oh, and good news – you’ll get a free pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

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