Adam London’s Laughternoon

Adam London has worked in the prestigious Magic Castle and has performed in the L.A. Comedy Club and Improv Comedy Club. He recently appeared on the TV show “Raising Hope.” London worked with the Mac King Comedy Magic Show for six years. Audience: Fans of sleight-of-hand magic with a humorous touch. Venue: Showroom Adam London’s afternoon comedy magic show, Laughternoon, features clever sleight-of-hand magic with a touch of hilarious comedy. London became interested in magic after watching his grandfather perform card tricks. He started out in musical theater in college and perfected his craft in comedy clubs around the world including L.A. Comedy Club and the Improv Comedy Club. He had a stint working for the Mac King Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas and has worked in the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. London also recently appeared on an episode of Fox’s “Raising Hope.”

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