Adrenaline Rush Slingshot

Are you tired of played-out rental cars that lack imagination? Adrenaline Rush Slingshot is here to re-ignite your love for the open road. This street legal, go-kart on steroids is not only completely safe, it’s easy to drive. It’s so easy in fact, that making a quick day drip down to nearby Red Rock National Park or Valley of Fire is a breeze. And with a large glove box and storage space enough for a small backpack behind each seat, you have no excuses to not explore the valley’s surrounding nature. If you’re a city dweller, imagine cruising the world famous Las Vegas Strip while your favorite song blasts through the Bluetooth enabled sound system. And that selfie of you riding around town is going to be extra “like-worthy” without windows or a roof to ruin your shot. Embrace your inner teenager and create the Las Vegas experience you’ve always dreamed of with Adrenaline Rush Slingshot.

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