Area 51 Tour

The truth is out there and now you can conduct your own search when you visit a number of famous locations frequented by UFO enthusiasts. Your tour begins with a quick stop near McCarran International Airport where you can see the planes for Janet Airlines. This fleet of unmarked jets transports workers to and from Area 51. Enjoy a scenic drive by SUV through the desert on your way to view some very unusual ancient Indian petroglyphs that resemble aliens. Next you will explore a mysterious dry lake bed, the site of a number of UFO sightings. Back on the road, you’ll enjoy a beautiful drive along the “Extraterrestrial Highway” on your way to the famous Little A’le’ Inn and plenty of photo opportunities. This store and restaurant has been the host of numerous documentaries and movies including “Independence Day.” Here you will find a wealth of information on this top-secret area. Captain Chuck Clark, an ex-air force captain, has written a manual on Area 51, which is available for sale.

After a great lunch, which includes “Alien Burgers” you will travel to the infamous black mailbox that marks the entrance to Area 51, a sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts. You arrive at the absolute perimeter of Area 51 after traveling through the Joshua Tree forest. At Area 51’s perimeter you will see guards, detection devices, listening devices and cameras mounted among the cactus. Signs reading, “Top Secret Military Facility, Keep Out, Use of Deadly force Authorized” are scattered along the facility’s border and guards stand watch behind the tinted windows of their SUVs. Enjoy this extreme tour to the world’s most famous military facility and inspiration for the “X-Files.”

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