Best Henderson Bakeries

There’s never a bad time to grab a delicious bakery item. Morning, night or an afternoon pick-me up, there will be a bakery in Henderson with exactly what your taste buds are craving! From uniquely hand-crafted cupcakes to mouth-watering croissants that won’t break the bank, we’ve compiled the top seven bakeries when you’re needing a good dose of carbohydrates.

Chef Flemming’s Bakeshop

Home style bakeries are simply the best because of their cozy home style atmosphere. Chef Flemming’s Bakeshop has perfected the home style ambience and equally delivered on delicious bakery treats. From breaks, cookies, cakes and everything else in between, you can’t choose wrong at this incredibly cozy bakery and café. And don’t miss out on their occasional “Scandinavian Days” for uniquely delicious treats, like their moist rum balls.

702 566-6500
7 S Water St # B, Henderson

Baby Cakes

There’s never a bad time of day to visit your local bakery and Baby Cakes knows it. Open 24 hours a day, you’ll always be able to enjoy their enormous sandwiches, custard filled donuts, decadent cheesecakes and refreshing gelato. Located inside The M hotel in Henderson, this bakery is an absolute hit amongst locals and tourists alike.  We highly recommend their red velvet cupcakes for a midnight snack and an iced mocha for an afternoon pick me up on a classic hot Vegas day.

(702) 797-1000
12300 S Las Vegas Blvd, Henderson

Friendly Donut House

Donuts—do we need to say more? Locally made and only serving the freshest of this delicious bakery treat, it’s not surprising that the Friendly Donut House always has a line outside the door. This hidden gem in Henderson is adjacent to the Smiths grocery store and does their business really basic—you can only pay by cash. But at only $1-$2 per donut, there should always be spare change to get a donut or two, or even a dozen.

856 S Boulder Highway, Henderson

Freed’s Bakery

Need a cake? These guys are your absolute go-to. Freed’s Bakery has perfected the art of cake making and have a reputation for always delivering when it comes to any sort of cake request—whether that be for a wedding, a birthday party or a ‘just because’ kind of cake. But you don’t need to order an entire cake to enjoy their deliciousness. You can also buy single slices, meaning you could easily spend an afternoon taste testing all their flavors to find your favorite.

9815 S Eastern Ave, Henderson

The Cupcakery

Sometimes you just really need a cupcake. And after visiting The Cupcakery, it’s the only place you’ll ever want to go. Each cupcake is a tiny bit of perfection—moist, sweet and topped with the perfect amount of icing. While you can’t choose wrong, their lemon with cream cheese icing is extra special and worth every cent.

9680 S Eastern Ave

Entemann/Oroweat Bakery Outlet

You don’t have to pay a fortune to get quality bakery items. Enemann/Oroweat Bakery Outlet offers affordable bakery items in bulk. Best described like a Costco but for bakery items only, this Outlet even gives customers free items when they check out. And while some might be detoured away because of the low prices, the quality of each item will keep you coming back for more.

2548 Wigwam Pkwy # 100, Henderson

Mac’s Bakery

This small but mighty boutique bakery is one of the best undiscovered bakeries in Henderson, but certainly won’t be for much longer. Doubling as both a Keto haven for sweet treats and customized cake masters, Mac’s Bakery makes every single item to perfection. Those following Keto diets will be drooling over their mini-cakes, chocolate chip cookies and savory scones. The majority of Mac’s Bakery is done online, where you can arrange to pick up on Saturdays or have delivered straight to you any day of the week.

Phone: (702) 401-6415

While these seven bakeries are absolute heaven, it’s only just a taste of the breadth and range of bakeries at your disposal in Las Vegas.  And best yet, no matter what your dietary restrictions are, there will be a bakery that has a treat with your name on it! Yes, even those with certain gluten-free or keto needs will still be able to enjoy one of the happiest places in Las Vegas—bakeries!

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