Best Ice Cream in Las Vegas and Henderson

Let’s be honest, Las Vegas can get hot. Really hot. One of the best ways to fight off the heat is by treating yourself to a delicious ice cream. In Vegas, businesses go big—even ice cream shops. So, say goodbye to just having the option of a scoop of ice cream. There are also ice cream burritos, tacos, custard, frozen yogurt, ice cream with cereal and ice cream made with frozen nitrogen. To help you navigate your way through all the sweet options, we’ve narrowed it down to the top seven ice cream spots in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Las Vegas Ice Cream

Lappert’s Ice Cream Shop

Located at the California Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas, this is the place to go for ice cream and frozen yogurt. Open basically from dusk to dawn, there is never a bad time to fulfil your ice cream cravings. Best of all, customers at Lappert’s Ice Cream Shop can utilize the free parking at the Hotel. Ranging from flavors such as Kauai pie, pumpkin or coconut, a single scoop will never suffice. Plus, you can even throw in a donut on the side, if you really needed another reason to make the trip.

12 Ogden Ave, Las Vegas
(702) 385-1222


This place does ice cream with a unique twist. Choose from a cotton candy ice cream burrito, snow fluff, rolled ice cream tacos or an acai bowl, you’ll want to keep coming back to try them all. A real crowd pleaser is their dragon fruit ice cream tacos, but we highly recommend you come in and decide for yourself. Having made the interior design equally as pleasing, it’s the perfect place to come in for a sweet treat while also taking a pretty social snap for the Instagram feed.

7965 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 140 Las Vegas
(702) 863-2385

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

Nielsen’s keep it simple, but by doing so, ensure that every order is done to absolute perfection.  Only offering three flavors—chocolate, vanilla and the flavour of the day, the whole shop is set up like one of those classic soda stands. But the real hero are their concretes, which are similar to the Dairy Queen blizzards, but made with frozen custard instead. You’re in for a treat with this smooth and delicious treat that is the perfect cure to a hot Vegas day.

9480 S Eastern Ave, Ste 100, Las Vegas
(702) 451-4711

Black Tap – Las Vegas

While it has a full restaurant menu, you can also just go for their milkshakes, known as supreme shakes. These outrageous ice cream desserts are basically five desserts in one. Case in point, the cookie shake. This beast of a dessert is built with vanilla ice cream, a vanilla frosted rim, cookie crumbles, a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, chocolate chips and whipped cream. Other popular flavours include cotton candy, cake batter and the crazy shake. Whatever one you choose, we definitely recommend bringing back up to help you finish it off!

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 414-2337

The Cereal Killerz Kitchen

Ice cream for breakfast? Anything goes at this crazy dessert shop! In the mood for a drink? Indulge in their cinnamon toast crunch or Ferrero Rocher milkshakes. Or, simply get a bowl of cereal mixed in with ice cream. With over 100 types of cereals to choose from as toppings, no experience here will ever be the same. And if you’re feeling really brave, go for their peanut butter fuelled milk shake blended with six cereals of your liking. This is a cereal lover and sweet tooth addict’s dream, proving that breakfast can most definitely also be a dessert.

1300 W Sunset Rd, Ste 2837, Henderson
(725) 205-4570

La Real de Michoacan

Mexican ice cream has arrived in Las Vegas. Serving aguas frescas, botanas and fusion ice cream, this family run ice cream shop is truly one of a kind. They’ve come up with some really addicting flavors, such as Oreo cheesecake, so be prepared to wait in line for the chance to try yourself. But not to worry, your persistent patience will be rewarded, as after ten visits you’ll be given a free chamango or banana split—you choose!

1039 Whitney Ranch Dr Henderson
(702) 458-0224

Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Yes, you read the title correctly. Ice cream made from liquid nitrogen. This quirky method allows for all types of milk to be used, meaning anyone with dairy allergies will also be able to enjoy as they can easily replace with coconut, almond or soymilk! Customers can watch their unique concoction be made directly in front of them and see the liquid nitrogen work its magic. They even have keto options as well, so no matter what your dietary requirements are, there really is no excuse not to scream for ice cream!

55 S Valle Verde, Henderson
(725) 204-3003

It’s easy to beat the heat with so many ice cream options available. What better way to spend a hot day in Las Vegas then by going around the city and taste testing them all!

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