Best Las Vegas Impersonators

Las Vegas is the capital of entertainment and with that comes a long line up of world-class impersonators. From Elvis to Britney Spears, you can see anyone from the past or present on the Strip.  No matter what sort of celebrity you fan-girl over, we can practically guarantee their impersonator is in Vegas.  To help you decide which celebrities to have an entertaining experience with, we’ve put together a list of the Best Las Vegas Impersonators you won’t want to miss.

All Shook Up

To properly experience the magic of Vegas, you need a little Elvis. All Shook Up is an incredible Elvis tribute show that is led by one of the best Elvis impersonators in the world and backed by a live band. Sing along to classics like “The King” and “Heartbreak Hotel” and prepare to be all shook up re-living some of the greatest moments with one of the greatest artists of all-time. More Info & Tickets


Beatlemania is back with this impress tribute show at Planet Hollywood. You’ll be stunned with the dead-on impressions of this talented group of entertainers and the incredible attention to detail will have many believing they are watching the real John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star! Older generations will love going back in time, while younger generations will learn why the Beatles created a musical and cultural revolution. More Info & Tickets

Legends in Concert

This show brings back all the Vegas greats like Cher, Elvis and Stevie Wonder. From the intricate costumes to the over the top orchestra that accompanies all performances, this show pays homage to the very best Vegas has had the honor of hosting. Better yet, these impersonators are nearly as talented as the real deals themselves, so you won’t feel like you’re just at some karaoke bar. More Info & Tickets

MJ Live

While one of the world’s greatest performers is no longer on earth, his legacy lives on in this fantastic tribute show to the King of Pop. A rotating cast of performers take turns paying tribute to Michael Jackson, performing classics starting from the Jackson 5 days all the way to his top pop hits like “Billie Jean” and “Bad”. This show is family friendly and will have you wanting to dance out of your seats for the whole show. More Info & Tickets

The Rat Pack

Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin are back and better than ever at this incredible tribute show. Audience members get to relive the timeless music that this group once created—performances that started to give Las Vegas the reputation of being home to world class entertainment. More Info & Tickets

Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment

While many know Terry Fator as the ventriloquist from America’s Got Talent, he is also equally as talented as an impersonator. Bringing his puppets to life as Elvis, Garth Brooks or Cher, you’ll quickly forget he’s actually the man behind the voices! Better yet, he is impersonating them with his mouth completely closed. Prepare to be both amazed and entertained in one of Vegas’s best shows all around. More Info & Tickets

Rich Little

Known as the master of impressions, Rich Little can practically impersonate anyone you challenge him to. From Ronald Reagan to Frank Sinatra or Kermit the Frog, he is literally a legend when it comes to impersonations. He’s so talented in fact, that he’s even at times helped Hollywood stars do their own soundtrack dubbings! So it’s no surprise you he now offers a masterclass in Vegas on how to do impersonations—it’s a hands on experiences you won’t want to miss. More Info & Tickets

No matter what Vegas era you want to relive, the long range of impressive impersonators will help transport you there. Book Now and start planning your next trip to Las Vegas.

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