Best Las Vegas Magic Shows

Las Vegas is known for attracting the best of the best in entertainment, so it goes without saying that Vegas is home to some of the best magic shows in the world. From magic the makes you laugh to magic that makes you cry, there’s a show for everyone in Vegas. We’ve put together a list of our Best Las Vegas Magic Shows that will leave you both mesmerized and craving for more.

David Copperfield

Known as the “Greatest Illusionist of Our Time”, David Copperfield is a Vegas classic when it comes to magic shows on the Strip. Following a remarkable television career, he has created a live performance that leaves audiences baffled and questioning reality itself. The illusions he’s created push the boundary of human comprehension and will leave you wondering if the supernatural really does exist. Learn More


Penn & Teller

This magic duo have been dominating the Vegas stage for decades. They brilliantly mix magic with entertaining explanations of how they performed these tricks, while still managing to leave the audience bewildered as to how their illusions actually worked. Having performed at the Rio for nearly 40 years, the clock is starting to tick on how many more tricks they have up their sleeve. With their performances currently scheduled to run until the end of 2019, this is a magic show that is definitely worth seeing before it’s gone. Learn More


Criss Angel Mindfreak

This is not your typical magic show. It is filled with blood, screams and horror, along with 75 mind-boggling tricks. Chris Angel leaves audience members at the edge of their seat anxiously awaiting what crazy thing he’ll do next. This magic show isn’t for the faint of heart and is on the darker and more mysterious side of the spectrum—a one of a kind show that can not be missed. Learn More


Piff The Magic Dragon

A newer addition to the Vegas magic show line-up, Piff The Magic Dragon is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Performing his magic in an intimate room, Piff and his furry Chihuahua combine crazy impressive magic tricks with quirky comedy. Quickly gaining traction to surpass some of the more established Vegas magicians, Piff The Magic Dragon is a magic show that leaves audiences smiling in bewilderment for the entire time. Learn More


Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic

Internationally acclaimed mentalist Fredric Da Silvia brilliantly combines mentalist, magic tricks and literal mind-reading to entertain Vegas crowds like never before. This audience interactive show will make you question all you thought you knew and believed, as Da Silvia’s power of persuasion to telling people what they are thinking is just straight up baffling. Learn More


Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Magic is funny, as Nathan Burton proves in his Vegas show. Combining all of the Vegas entertainment greats—comedy, showgirls and magic—Burton’s show is a recipe for success. Always playing on the audience and performing interactive tricks, no two shows are the same but all ensure audiences leave with a massive smile on their face. Learn More


Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Masterfully playing on the Cirque du Soleil style of storytelling, Xavier Mortimer creates a multi-act performance that is crafted as a dreamy adventure. The magic trips increase in intensity as the show goes on but the entertainment stays consistently strong throughout. This magic show is family friendly and one that has quickly become established as a must-do on the Strip. Learn More


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