Best Vegas Shows In the $50s Or Less

Las Vegas has garnered a reputation for having world class entertainment every day of the year. But you don’t have to win big on the slots to enjoy the entertainment capital of the world! We’ve put together a list of the best Vegas shows for $50’s or less, making sure that you’ll be entertained while not having to break your budget for the whole trip!

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Vegas! The Show

Performing nightly at Planet Hollywood, go back in time with the classic Vegas performers that helped make this city famous. Bringing back the beloved Vegas showgirls in their red lipstick, over the top feathers and an overindulgence of sophistication, Vegas! The Show really is one of the best shows on the Strip. There are also some incredible impersonators who showcase the Rat Pack era, including Sammy Davis Jr, and a showcase of classic costumes and iconic Vegas moments throughout the decades. Learn More

Magic Mike Live

Grab your girls, ditch your guy and head out to one of the sexiest shows playing daily at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. With strip teases and erotic dances so hot that you’ll want to rip your own shirt off, it’s not a surprise this adult-only show is often booked out! Drawing inspiration from Channing Tatum’s popular movie Magic Mike, this show brings even sexier choreography to the stage than the film ever did. The perfect selection of a show for a girl’s night out or bachelorette party, but also totally acceptable to go for no real reason at all. Learn More

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

If you’re struggling to decide what sort of show you want to see in Vegas, then this is the one for you! Catering to all types of entertainment, this show at Planet Hollywood is like an all you can eat Vegas buffet—with so much variety you won’t know which way to look! Mixing up performances every night, you’ll never really know until the show starts what acts you’ll be treated to—but whether it is street dancing, the Skating Aratas, Olympic gymnast Yeroffyeva or the music of The Crazy Gauchos, it’s always a sure bet you’ll be entertained the whole way through. Learn More

Zombie Burlesque

Okay, we had to add this one in—mainly because it just sounds so cool! But it also provides an incredibly entertaining performance. Somehow balancing the weirdness of zombies and the sexiness of burlesque perfectly, this show offers a good time for all ages (yes, kids can come to this one too!). With humorous jokes, impressive improv and body bending dance routines, this Planet Hollywood show really is a one of a kind act that can only be found in Vegas. Learn More

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

Calling all animal lovers! This show is for you—with the most adorable (and talented) dogs and cats taking center stage. This cuddly cast of 30 fluffy animals act out various scenarios that humans do on a daily basis—such as boarding a train, going to school or visiting the doctor’s office. In addition to the cuteness overload, there is a range of impressive circus acts that Popovich and his (human) family perform with the animals—including juggling, gymnastics and jump roping. Great fun for both kids and adults alike, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll have a great time at this unique Pet Theater found at Planet Hollywood. Learn More

Tape Face

Tape Face won’t say a word, but he’ll certainly make you laugh! This Harrah’s based show is absolutely crazy and because there’s no speaking involved, literally anyone will find enjoyment and humor in the performance. Originally rising to fame on America’s Got Talent, Tape Face relies on props and music only to stir up a laugh. Learn More

Potted Potter – All Harry Potter Books in 70 Minutes

Starting out as a silly challenge, this show at Bally’s has become a hilarious family friendly show in Vegas. The geniuses behind the show have somehow managed to squeeze the entire Harry Potter series into one evening show and it is absolutely brilliant! With ridiculous props and costumes, along with an appearance by a fire-breathing dragon, Harry Potter fans and critics alike will be in for a treat. Learn More

From family friendly comedy to raunchy strip shows, there’s something for everyone when it comes to entertainment on a budget. Book now and start planning your next trip to Las Vegas!

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