Best Ways to Splurge on the Vegas Strip

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So when you decide to reward yourself with a ridiculously expensive splurge, your secret is safe on the Vegas Strip. From once in a lifetime drinking and dining experiences to experiences that will make you feel like a celebrity, you have plenty of options in Vegas to burn through your spare cash in style. We’ve put together our list of the seven most exuberant ways to splurge on the Vegas Strip in style.

Eat Big with a 15-Course Dinner

Winning big means you can eat big and the Cosmopolitan is the place to do so. At e by Jose Andres you’ll be treated to an exclusive private chef dining experience that comes with 15 courses! The restaurant’s chef—Jose Andre—books out months in advance so be sure to make your reservations early in this nine table restaurant that is tucked inside Jaleo. There’s a lot of food to get through, so make sure to come with a big appetite!

Book a Super Swanky Hotel Suite

Live like a king and book yourself a luxurious hotel room on the Strip. For those seeing a more elegant room, the penthouse suite at the Bellagio offers suites with Italian styled décor, a ridiculously large bathroom, a bed fit for a king and the perfect views of the Bellagio Fountain. The Sky Villas at the Palms is another option to consider, as the amenities provided include an infinity pool overlooking the strip, a private elevator, a bowling alley, a room full of arcade game and a pool table!

Chopper in Style

Get high on life with booking a helicopter tour in Vegas. The options are limitless. For those wanting the ultimate pre-game to an exciting night out on the Strip, start the night right by getting a lay of the land from a twilight helicopter tour. Or for those wanting a more romantic splurge, chopper to the Grand Canyon for a sunset helicopter tour that includes a private champagne picnic. Book a tour with Maverick Helicopters.

Party Like a Rockstar

Seriously, if you have the money, do it. Sapphires offers a 60 Minutes of Fame DJ Party Package that includes your own unique DJ set, 17 billboards in the club showcasing a photo of you, five bottles of champagne and a private pool and bar experience. There’s a price to pay for being “famous” but we promise you’ll enjoy every second of it!

Operate the Bellagio Fountains

This splurge is not for those who a light on cash. For a whopping $250,000, you can splurge on an experience of a lifetime and choreograph your own Bellagio Fountain water show that will be seen by the public! Not only will you get to choose the music, but you’ll also be responsible for making the water dance—no pressure or anything!

Eat the World’s Most Expensive Hamburger

Known as the FleurBurger 5000, your taste buds will be in for the treat of a lifetime. At $5,000 for one burger (yes, you read that right), you will be treated to a wagyu beef patty, sliced foil gras and sautéed French truffles on a brioche bun, along with a bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus 5000.

Get Your Cocktails with a Side of Jewelry

Only in Vegas would you even consider spending $10,000 on a single cocktail. But anything is possible in Vegas. If you’re wanting to quench your thirst in style, head over to XS at the Wynn for the most expensive cocktail on the Strip. You’ll receive a cocktail named Ono, which is made from Charles Heidsieck Champagne and Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac. In addition, you’ll be handed a pair of men’s silver cufflinks and a women’s 18-karat white chain so you can remember this expensive purchase for years to come.

Are you ready to give yourself an experience to remember for a lifetime? Book now and start planning your next trip to Las Vegas!

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