Caesars Palace

With a history as epic as the real Roman Empire, Caesars Palace rules over the center Strip with a wide range of rooms, The Colosseum and a mighty roster of Las Vegas restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The vibe:

Vegas glitz with a Greco-Roman take, meandering layout, celebrity-driven offerings

What we love:

Caesars Palace has been around since 1966 and we admire this Las Vegas hotel for its ability to change with the times. By constantly modernizing — from adding new Las Vegas restaurants and the world’s first-ever Nobu Hotel to bringing in star performers like Jerry Seinfeld and Reba, Brooks & Dunn and shows like the circus-style burlesque “Absinthe” – this empire shows no signs of decline.

The Bacchanal Buffet does for a Vegas buffet what The Forum Shops at Caesars did to shopping – it elevates the experience (and we’re grateful for that). With a mind-blowing array of delectable dishes prepared by a team of chefs, you’ll discover small plates with things like fried chicken and waffles, red velvet pancakes and mini Wagyu sliders.

Cleopatra’s Barge has been a lively nightspot since it opened in 1970. What could be cooler than partying on this floating barge? When people get down on the dance floor it bobs around.

Insider tips:

Speaking of walking, make sure you valet park at the hotel’s main entrance when you arrive to check-in because the distance from the parking garage to the registration desk feels like a hike to Rome.

Spend an afternoon at Qua Baths & Spa. Now there are too many treatments on the menu for us to suggest just one, but what we love is that as part of your visit you’ll have access to the idyllic Roman baths, a laconium room, a tea lounge with a tea sommelier (who knew that existed?) and an Arctic ice room where – we kid you not – it snows. (You’ll thank us for sending you here during the 100-plus-degree summer months.)

Good to know:

Navigating the ground floor of Caesars Palace – considering everything the resort has to offer and its winding layout – is a challenge. Hopefully, you’ve been doing some endurance training… just kidding, but be prepared to walk a lot. And because this place is so big, expect waits during peak times for checking in or out as well as for staff to get to your room if you should need something cleaned or fixed. There is valet and self-parking. Rates vary, so click here for details.

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