Colorado River Jet Boat to Lake Havasu

If choosing between driving from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu or taking a freakin’ jet boat, we’d recommend packing a swimsuit. The Colorado River Jet Boat Tour is the Las Vegas tour you’ve been waiting for. Las Vegas is so pretty it’s gorgeous, but to really appreciate something sometimes you have to leave it, and that’s where The Colorado River Jet Boat Tour comes in. Start your adventure with a drive through the Las Vegas desert on to the Joshua Tree Forest and ending up in Laughlin, Nevada.

Once you get there suit up (if you already haven’t) and board a 1200 HP Jet Boat for an adrenaline pumping 58-mile ride down the Colorado River and through the beautiful Topock Gorge. BTW, since there’s no whitewater rapids on this tour you can sit back and enjoy yourself without worrying about an unplanned swim. Like we said earlier, be sure to pack your swimsuit, because for the next two-and-a-half hours you’ll have time to frolic in the water and enjoy a romantic picnic lunch on the sands of Lake Havasu Beach.

The adventure doesn’t stop there, because the return trip follows the famous Route 66. Be sure to stretch your legs and make the most of the refreshment stop at “Oatman Ghost Town,” where you can shop for nik-naks. For those 21 years and older, imbibe at the local Saloon. Purchase your discount tickets to The Colorado River Jet Boat Tour. Your inner adventure seeker will thank you.

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