Defending the Caveman

Understanding the opposite sex may never be easy, but “Defending the Caveman” breaks it all down for you. This hilarious one-man comedy, created by comedian/writer Rob Becker, attempts to debunk the age old myth that men are all jerks. “Defending the Caveman” is the longest-running solo play in Broadway history. It has been seen in 45 different countries and translated into 30 different languages.

The one-man show features Kevin Burke as the hilarious and all-too-relatable Caveman. “Instead of looking at men as a**holes, why don’t we just look at them as having a different culture?” asks Burke at the beginning of the show. Then he starts to explain how many of the same characteristics that were conveyed by cavemen are still very apparent in modern day behaviors of men and women and that understanding this is the key to also understanding the opposite sex. Prehistoric-looking props and lighting and sound techniques are used to enhance the performance.

The Caveman’s casual stage presence and typical jeans and T-shirt ensemble give him the everyman look that all guys can relate to. Women like to shop because they are innate gatherers, Burke explained. Cavewomen were in charge of gathering food and knowing what colors to look for as an indication that certain things were ripe and ready for the picking. This same concept explains why women like to shop and gather more clothes when the seasons change, even if their closet is already full… obviously. As the Caveman shares more instances from his life, couples in the audience laugh and nudge each other, acknowledging that they relate to his experiences.

Single people in the audience find the show equally amusing and also enlightening on how to better interpret the opposite sex on their next date. The show’s typical audience includes everyone from young people visiting for a wild weekend to people celebrating bachelorette parties, anniversaries or just a good time in Vegas. While scripted, the Caveman refers to the audience for inspiration and improvised dialogue making each show uniquely hilarious for an unforgettable night of laughs and epiphanies.

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