Named after King Arthur’s legendary sword, Excalibur is a hotel at the south end of the Strip that mixes medieval style with modern conveniences.

The vibe:

Fun-for-all-ages atmosphere, no frills accommodations, faux castle theme

What we love:

There’s an obvious reason why people choose to stay at Exalibur: it’s cheap. And even with the resort fee, you’ll still save a bundle.

Although this gigantic white castle with spires of bright red, blue and gold doesn’t quite hearken back to the Middle Ages, you’ll love tweeting out from the drawbridge or the Fun Dungeon (just rein in your “50 Shades of Grey” fantasies because this is an arcade and carnival-style midway for families).

The show “Tournament of Kings” is an inexpensive option for food and entertainment. It includes a three-course meal that you eat with your fingers (finally, a chance to set your inner peasant free). You’ll also love cheering for the knights on horseback while pounding on the table and waving your fists.

Insider tips:

Excalibur is connected to Luxor (which in turn is connected to Mandalay Bay) by an enclosed passage. This is great on summer days when – trust us – you don’t want to walk out in the sweltering heat. There’s also a free tram that will take you to Mandalay Bay and return you from Mandalay Bay via Luxor.

The Buffet at Excalibur is delicious – especially for the price.

Craving a little pampering but don’t want to shell out loads of extra money? The Spa at Excalibur will treat you like a queen (or king) for a day for much less than what you’d pay at other spas on the Strip.

If you’ve got a car, you should access Excalibur from Frank Sinatra Drive and not directly from the Strip. This will take you behind the resort to its three-story self-parking garage. You’ll then walk across the road (Luxor Drive) and enter through the rear entrance.

Good to know:

Don’t expect the rooms at Excalibur to have medieval decor. The furnishings are traditional – no garderobes here (and thank god because if you know what a garderobe is you don’t want one). Also, if you smoke in a non-smoking room, there will be a pretty big fine at checkout. Save yourself the trouble and light up in designated smoking areas throughout the casino.

There is valet and self-parking. Hourly self-parking and valet rates vary.

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