Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

You’ve probably had dreams of flying, right? But did you ever think of actually doing this (and not by plane or helicopter) on your next Vegas trip? Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon’s zip-line tour in Boulder City gives you the chance to “fly” and experience the beauty of the Southwest desert mountains.  You’ll sit in your own paragliding harness that’s suspended from cable wires. Travel from one point to another by flying over the desert ecosystem from the top of Red Mountain. Some riders have reached speeds of 50 miles per hour. After a brief safety orientation, your guides will take you on a quick drive up to the canyon.

From here, you’ll take a half-hour hike uphill. Upon reaching your destination, you’ll coast through four runs, each providing a different kind of experience, including a 450 foot plunge. Each run’s takeoff platform provides a unique view of the mountainous terrain from a different elevation, showcasing the variety and beauty of the desert. Nervous about flying? Don’t worry — the tour guides help make everyone feel comfortable. And if you’re afraid of heights, let this be the ride that helps you overcome your fear. 

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