Freak Show

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up, this is your opportunity to see the wonderful and mystifying, Freak Show at The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. Don’t miss your chance to see this celebration of weird up-close-and-personal. If you like fun, entertainment and an assortment of the odd you’re going to love Freak Show. This carnival of a show inside The Erotic Heritage Museum treats you to a little bit of stand-up comedy, drag, performance art and the outright bizarre and twisted. And at the center of it all is its ringleader, Punk Rock Cher Tuesday Thomas and comedian, Cyrus Naderpour. Having been featured on MTV and BBC’s World of Weird, this show is the nightmare you never knew you needed. Cheap tickets for Freak Show at The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas are available now. Get yours today.

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