Happy Place

One of the more remarkable things about Earth is how diverse it is. What’s also remarkable is the sheer number of selfies a person can take at Happy Place inside Mandalay Place at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Like, for real, you could take A LOT.

Ok, so let’s get this straight: every city has a cool “Instagrammable” location, even Vegas. But, and this is where Happy Place comes in, how many places have an interactive, immersive pop-up exhibit with larger-than-life installations and multi-sensory themed rooms?! HUH?! That’s right, not many. There are 12 different rooms, each with their own unique vibe and experience that’ll make you want to bust out your phone and post straight to the ‘gram. If six-foot tall mirrors, seven-foot tall stilettos made of a million candles and the world’s largest confetti dome are your jam, you’re going to love Happy Place.

Tickets for Happy Place inside Mandalay Place at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas are available now.

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