John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy

Let’s be honest, some comedians you just can’t pick out of a lineup. John Caparulo is not that dude.He’s made a career out of standing out. For what you might ask? Well, curse words mostly, but we think it’s just best to see him at John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy inside Harrah’s to find out. John Caparulo is no slouch, he just looks that way. A regular on the Chelsea Lately show, Caparulo is a madman when it comes to performing and has been on too many late night talk shows to count. He’s been on tour with Vince Vaughn, with the Blue Collar Comedy guys and has even dabbled in the acting world. You might also recognize him from his hit series “Caplets” on YouTube. Do you recognizehim now? If not, we might need to make a citizen’s arrest and lock you up for not being able to see talent. Ok, legally we can’t do that, but we can suggest that you buy a ticket. It’ll def be worth it.

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