Men of Sapphire

If you’re celebrating a birthday, a bachelorette party or just want to have some naughty fun, head to Men of Sapphire. Ladies, enjoy the male eye candy as each performer takes his turn on stage. If you’re lucky, you’ll get pulled up on stage for an impromptu up-close-and-personal performance. Before the show starts, the host of the show (also a dancer) keeps the crowd of screaming girls excited and entertained. When the show starts, the gentlemen walk around the audience getting the crowd pumped up. Then lights flash and the opening number is the only number where four performers take the stage at once. With black hooded sweatshirts and baggy jeans on, the boys jump around the stage with moves Marky Mark (and his Funky Bunch) would approve of.

But Men of Sapphire isn’t your typical male review where the dancers (for the most part) stay on stage and perform to choreographed routines. After the opening act, each dancer takes his turn on stage, representing some popular fantasies. While we were there, the marine handled his rifle with ease and a champion hip-hop dancer took the stage with Chris Brown-like dance moves. Ladies are encouraged to submit a piece of paper to the DJ volunteering the bachelorette or birthday girl in their party for a stage dance or a private dance for a little extra cash and memorable entertainment. Ladies are also encouraged to crowd around the stage where a guy will give you a little extra attention ‚Äî for a dollar. There is no solid ending to Men of Sapphire. Instead, the show turns into a male strip club in the showroom with private lap dances, stage dances and plenty of men walking around.

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