Best Museums In Las Vegas

Make your next trip to Las Vegas an educational one! In addition to the world-class shopping, restaurants and bars, Las Vegas is home to some of the most unique museums in the world. Whether you want to step back into the prohibition era of Las Vegas, visit remains of the Titanic or take selfies with Justin Bieber, there is a world-class range of Museums In Las Vegas to visit on your next trip.

Mob Museum

Once a former courthouse where some of the most infamous members of the mob were convicted, the Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas takes museum-goers back in time through the history of the mob, including how it spread it’s roots in Las Vegas and how the FBI’s wiretapping ultimately dismantled this network. Their newest feature is the prohibition themed distillery and speakeasy in the basement, so you truly feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Neon Museum

Home to some of the most iconic signs from Las Vegas, including the Strip, Downtown, motels and businesses, the Neon Museum is an important time capsule of Las Vegas history. The most unique feature is the giant pirate skull from Treasure Island that looks up to the sky and can also be seen on Google Earth! Once the old La Concha Motel, the Neon Museum is best experienced with a trained tour guide.

National Atomic Testing Museum

Las Vegas hasn’t always just been about having fun. Not even a century ago Nevada was an important test site for the atomic bomb, which was a key reason to Las Vegas’s early existence. With over 1000+ bombs tested in the Nevada desert, you can have an interactive experience at the National Atomic Testing Museum’s movie theatre, where you get to experience first hand what it feels like to watch a nuclear bomb being tested in the Nevada desert.

Erotic Heritage Museum

This museum is X-rated and for adult only. Giving patrons a raunchy education in the evolution of the peep show and a display of the best pornography from around the world, this museum is truly one of a kind. A fan favorite is the world’s largest sex bike, where pedaling makes the seats vibrate. Only in Las Vegas would this type of museum exist!

Pinball Hall of Fame

One of the last remaining attractions to offer both free parking and admission, this non-profit museum is any gamer’s dream! With over 150 machines from 1947-2009, you can be transported back in time while playing classic arcade games for .25-.50 cents a go.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The Luxor offers one of the most unique museums on the Strip. The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is full of recovered items from the sunken ship, including the largest portion of actual ship wall. They’ve also re-created the outdoor deck so you can re-create the famous scene from the movie. The guides are what really make this museum special, as they recount emotional stories from the tragic tales of those aboard.

Liberace Museum Collection

Originally created by Liberace himself, this museum has since added items from his legacy.
With the majority of the collection housed in Thriller Villa—the final home of his friend Michael Jackson—patrons will get to see his bedazzled and extravagant costumes, one of a kind pianos and candelabras. To make the tour really memorable, there’s also the option to add in an elegant champagne lunch in the home at the end of the tour.

Nostalgia Street Rods

Any car enthusiast will love this museum. Full of classic cars and authentic Vegas vintage, there’s an enormous collection of one of a kind cars made from 1910-1965. Recently voted the Best of Las Vegas top attraction, we had to include this top gear museum on our list.

Madame Tussauds

Get your selfies with Obama and Justin Bieber all in one go. Located at The Venetian, Madame Tussauds is a kid friendly museum with someone special for everyone to meet. Just make sure to pre-book your tickets before, as capacity in the museum often quickly fills up!

Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Only in Vegas would there be a museum that celebrates weed becoming legalized. Strictly for those 21 and older, this museum offers an immersive cannabis themed experience, including the world’s largest bong, which is adequately dubbed Bongzilla.

Don’t just come to Las Vegas for the shopping, eating and partying. Leave room for the world class museums too and plan your next trip to Las Vegas!

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