Red Rock Canyon Helicopter Tour and Picnic

Anyone can see a bunch of red rocks scattered throughout town, but when you add a helicopter and champagne to the package – it turns into one memorable experience. The Red Rock Canyon Picnic can be romantic or one great time with a small group of friends. Once you reach the canyon, you’ll hit the helipad and be whisked away like a fancy pants you’ve always wanted to be. Bust out your photography skills, because this tour is about to deliver views on views on views.

Did we forget to mention you’ll get a great view? After you land, put your pinkies up because it’s time to pop open the bottle of champagne (or champs as the cools kids say). Next, crack open the picnic basket and stuff your face – or take small bites if you’re trying to impress someone – we know we aren’t. When that’s said and done, you’ll get back into the helicopter and get a whole different view. Gaze upon the majestic mountains of Mount Charleston and one of the best views of the Strip. Unfortunately, that also means we’re going back to reality, but at least you have food in your belly and a little buzz from the bubbly.

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