Stripper 101

I’m officially a stripper. I have the card to prove it. My stripper name is “Sugar Sizzle,” but you can call me Sugar for short. How is this? Well, I earned my pole dancing credit at Stripper 101 –a women’s only class at Planet Hollywood that teaches students the tricks of the pole dancing trade all in the name of good fun. I was a bit apprehensive before heading to the Stripper 101 studio at Planet Hollywood. What do I wear? Am I flexible enough? How much of a fool am I going to make of myself? Are my breasts too, shall I say, petite? All of that, it turns out, is moot.

Wear something comfortable, but makes you feel sexy. Bring along high heels, unless you don’t mind standing on your tip-toes. And leave your hang-ups at home. Everyone there had a different body shape, and were in different stages of their lives. One woman brought her grandmother! Most of the women were attending in groups — some celebrating a birthday, others an upcoming wedding. Before heading into the stripper dance studio, we would-be strippers met in the adjoining bar, tilting back a shot (or two).

Because this isn’t a true class (none of us were planning on dancing for tips later that night), loosening up and having fun is encouraged. During the class, stripper apprentices were guided through an entire lap dance routine, step-by-step, by a working stripper. If you’ve ever been to a strip club (yep), the tips were true to what you’d experience there. When dancing for your man, don’t allow him to touch you. You are in control. Sway your hips and swing your hair. Flaunt your best (ass)ets. And if your man is of the generous sort, encourage him to stick a bill or two in your bra (assuming you’re still wearing it).

From the lap dance, we turned to the stripper pole. On the day I attended, every woman had their pick of pole. Depending on the mirror angle I was going for, I hopped from pole to pole, proud of my newfound skill of wrapping my legs around the pole and spinning in circles. Our instructor was patient and showed us just how to gain momentum on the pole. We also became quick studies on how to strut around the pole when we needed to catch our breath and still look sexy. By the end of the experience, I was convinced I needed my very own stripper pole. Bruising aside (surely the mark of an amateur), the class teaches you enough to spice up your love life with a very lucky man.

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