Tenors of Rock

If you walked into the middle of a Tenors of Rock show, you’d find the audience singing, dancing and jamming along with the famous quintet tenors. And to us, that’s the best kind of concert. Tenors of Rock inside Planet Hollywood sing all of rock n’ roll’s greatest hits, and you can bet you will want to sing along with them. Wave your hands in the air and light your Zippos (just kidding, that’s a fire hazard), the five singers are taking you through great hits like Sweet Child O’ Mine, Living on a Prayer and Whole Lotta Love. In between songs, you’ll hear stories about being on The X Factor U.K., what it’s like to be on the road and jokes that will make your belly hurt. Tenors of Rock deliver the whole package when it comes to concerts in Las Vegas. Tune up your singing voice and stretch your body, Tenors of Rock is a totally immersive concert that will get you out of your seat as soon as they hit the stage. Get your Las Vegas concert tickets to see Tenors of Rock today.

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