Best Attractions In Downtown Las Vegas

The historic Downtown Las Vegas is asleep no more. Booming back into the Vegas scene in the last decade more prominent than ever, Downtown offers visitors an immersion into classic Las Vegas architecture with some of the most up to date and modern attractions on the whole Strip! From heart pumping activities to memorable light shows that bring Downtown to a standstill, there are endless attractions to entertain you.

Visit Vegas Vic

Part of what makes Downtown Las Vegas so cool is the historic neon lights and architecture. So no trip to Downtown is really complete without visiting Vegas Vic—an iconic forty foot tall neon cowboy sign. Back in the day Vegas Vic used to wave, smile and wink, but the non-stop action since 1951 has brought him to a bit of a stand still. However, a visit to Vegas Vic makes for an epic photo opportunity and can be done solo or as part of the Fremont Street Walking Tours.

Zip Through the Fremont Experience

The Slotzilla Zip Line runs for over a third of a mile though the Fremont Experience—the central hub of Downtown Las Vegas. Keen adrenaline seekers are launched either in the prone or seated position from a giant twelve story high slot machine. For those who haven’t gained the liquid courage to take a turn flying through Downtown, it is sure to be just as entertaining watching the brave souls who do from safe on the ground!

Face Your Fears

Whether it’s the freaky puppets at the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum or the hundreds of zombies hiding throughout the Fear the Walking Dead escape room, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to face your fears in Downtown. Zak Bagans Haunted Museum is based in the former TV star’s actual mansion, with plenty of dark corridors and paranormal experiences to ensure you get sweaty palms as you walk through. And for those wanting a more immersive experience, Fear the Walking Dead escape rooms takes those who are brave enough through a medical military facility themed maze full of creepy lighting and one too many zombies for anyone’s liking.

Eat, Shop, Play and Get Married at the Container Park

Made of old shipping containers, the Container Park is one of the coolest places in Downtown with plenty of quirky attractions. First, there is the bizarre praying mantis statue that sits at the entrance to the park—it even shoots fire from its antenna at night. Then there’s the immersive Dome that has plenty of interactive games to entertain you from dusk to dawn. And don’t forget about the Lucky Little Chapel for those who decide to spontaneously tie the knot while visiting the Container Shop!

Visit Some Bright Lights

Two of the brightest attractions in Downtown Las Vegas is the Neon Museum and the Viva Vision Light Show. The Neon Museum is also known as the Neon Boneyard, where hundreds of iconic Las Vegas signs are preserved for patrons to enjoy either during the day or night. Also make sure to watch the current Downtown lights shine bright during the Viva Vision Light Show on Fremont Street. The flashing lights on the canopy ceiling are choregraphed to music and often bring the entire street to a standstill.

Have an Immersive Cannabis Experience

Canabition is quite literally a cannabis museum in Downtown Las Vegas. Referred to many as the weed wonderland, this adult-themed playground celebrates all things cannabis. With over twenty unique cannabis inspired art installations and plenty of Instagrammable moments, you’re in for a fully immerged experience in to the cannabis culture of Las Vegas!

Get Rid of Your Rage and Channel Your Inner Viking

At AxeHole Vegas, you can learn to throw an axe, spear, shovel or ninja stars and hit a bullseye every time! Unleashing your inner Viking has never been so fun, especially since you can also hone those skills while drinking a beer. But for those who are wanting that extra step up to get rid of their rage, the Wreck Room is the place you want to go. A short 10 minute Uber drive from Downtown will bring you to a steel rage room full of breakables waiting to be smashed by either a baseball pay or crowbar—it’s up to you to decide how you implement the destruction!

Downtown Las Vegas has attractions to suite all budgets and personalities. Make sure to book your next trip to Las Vegas now!

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