CSI: The Experience

Fun Facts:

  • 12,000: Total square footage of the attraction
  • 175: Number of expert consultants used in the creation
  • 1,180: Hours of research
  • 3,740: Hours of construction
  • 25,000: Number of nails throughout the facility
  • 55,000: Gallons of glue used in construction
  • 2,900: Number of handmade props
  • $5 million: Total cost to create CSI: The Experience

Calling all crime scene investigator wannabes! At CSI: The Experience you’ll go through a series of steps that will get you thinking like a real investigator. See how science and critical thinking combine as you piece together the clues in one of three crime scene mysteries. There are a total of three murders and 15 suspects, so you’ll really get your mind going. Don’t let the thought of science intimidate you. The attraction takes you through a series of steps to make it a fun and educational experience. You’ll tap into everything from DNA and fingerprint analysis to forensic anthropology.  If you’re a true fan of “CSI” and see crime scene investigating as your true calling, this is one attraction not to be missed.

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