Vegas Mob Tour

Listen up, because we’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. On the Vegas Mob Tour, you’re going to learn about the mob’s influence on Las Vegas, from the city’s humble beginnings in the 1940s all the way to their 1980s peak -or else. Ok, we’re not going to make you any offers, but the Vegas Mob Tour is probably the closest thing you can get to legally being in the mob without actually being in the mob, capiche? Murders, burglaries, a car bombing and other underground activities were the uje back in the day, so of course, we’re going to drop some knowledge on ya. Throughout the tour, you’re going to see infamous locations, examine FBI tapes and videos and even enjoy a complimentary pizza meal. Free pizza? Yeah, being connected has its perks. Don’t be a wise guy, get your tickets today because this tour is going to turn you into a real “Don.” Or, at least, a historical “Don.” You know, same thing, right?

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