Maverick Foodie Helicopter Tour

If you’re anything like us, you love great food and a pretty view. Well slap our rumps and call us Susie, because Maverick Foodie Tour is giving us exactly that. Bring your walking shoes, stretchy pants and binoculars – fanny packs are optional (but not recommended). Start your tour at the fabulous Focus fountain at Aria. After snapping a few selfies, it’s time to visit foodie heaven…or as we like to call it “restaurants of the gods” – that name may or may not have been coined after a few cocktails. But here’s what you’re in for: Bardot, Sage, Milos, Jaleo & Hexx (FYI, these are subject to change). Sure, the restaurants are located in a few different casinos, so there’ll obviously be a bit of walking, but that’s okay because now you won’t feel bad about scarfing down all those calories.

After you put your sweet tooth in check, take a shuttle to the Maverick Helipad for part deux – it always sounds fancier in French. If you’re one of those people who marvel at a good view and love that sparkly effect your eyes get when overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, then this will be your favorite part. For the next 15 minutes you’ll fly high above the LVB for something more magical than Harry Potter. This is one of those experiences that you’ll tell the world about. So get ready to update your Facebook status with the best photo album ever. Maverick Foodie Tours is about to turn your friends green with envy.

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