Segway Las Vegas

If you’ve never experienced downtown Las Vegas on a Segway PT, you’re totally missing out. It’s fancy. It’s futuristic. Best of all, it’s fun. This downtown Las Vegas adventure, doesn’t just rock, it rolls. Literally. You ride a Segway PT — a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter with an electric motor — past iconic locations such as the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” fame, the sustainable and unique Downtown Container Park or the vintage-inspired Neon Museum.

View Vegas from a different perspective  — the shiny neon lights, the eclectic music, the yardlong margarita-drinking crowds — as you ride through the open-air with the wind in your hair. Don’t forget your camera. In addition to a Segway’s cool factor, it’s also saves tons of energy. You won’t tire out from too much walking, and you won’t waste gas by driving.  Before you get rolling, you receive about 15 to 20 minutes of training.

Once on the road, an entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide provides narration, historical facts and little-known info along the way.  There are three Segway Las Vegas downtown tours to choose from:

South Fremont Street Tour (2 hours) Includes the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Charleston Art District, Rick’s Restorations and Downtown Container Park.

North Fremont Street Tour (2 hours) Includes the Mob Museum, Neon Museum, Natural History Museum and the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort.

Fremont Experience Tour (45 to 60 minutes) Includes historic downtown Las Vegas casinos and scenic views of Fremont Street. No matter which tour you choose, you’re likely to see parts of Las Vegas you didn’t even know existed, from the old casinos to the new revitalization of downtown.

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