The Best Cirque Shows in Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas isn’t complete without seeing at least one Cirque du Soleil show. These shows have set the bar very high (quite literally at times) for entertainment and performance perfection. And luck is on your side, as there are seven different shows to choose from, meaning you could go see one every evening of the week!


Las Vegas is known as Sin City, so it’s only right that one of Cirque du Soleil’s staple shows is a bit kinky. This extremely sexy acrobatic performance explores the sensual side of humanity—meaning clothes are not really part of the show and there’s not really a storyline. The entire performance is based around sexual feelings and curiosity, encouraging patrons to explore their own sexuality post-performance! So if you’re looking for a way to get your night started with your partner, this show is a great pick. Just ditch the kids, as it’s far from being family friendly! Get Tickets

The Beatles LOVE

When in Vegas, all you really need is love. And this show sure does deliver on that! Based entirely around songs by the Beatles, this show is takes the audience through the war-time era of Vietnam. The performances are dizzying—with flips and acrobatic tricks done non-stop throughout the entire show. There’s also plenty of bell bottomed jeans, Volkswagens and colorful props. Plus, their AV systems are designed to perfection in this room, with speakers placed at practically every available space on the walls so the music will really transport you to this era. True Beatle fans should opt for the TOAST TO LOVE VIP experience, where they’ll get a behind the scenes tour of the show, stage, props and Beatles fun facts! Get Tickets


The new kid on the block in the Cirque du Soleil circuit, this show is a marathon in itself but one that will definitely get your heart pumping! A non-stop action packed show of death-defying stunts, R.U.N. will have you at the edge of your seats the whole time. The immersive performance will be contending for the top spot amongst Cirque du Soleil shows and is a strong contender for doing so. Get Tickets


One of the classics on the Strip, “O” has become one of the most established shows in Vegas for a long time. The traditional stage is replaced by a 1.5 million gallon pool in which the world’s best divers, synchronized swimmers and acrobats defy physics in an inspiring aquatic performance. There really isn’t another show like this one—but for those curious about the behind-the-scenes, there’s a VIP experience to see the logistics of the performance while sipping on champagne. Sounds pretty “O” for fabulous! Get Tickets


The storyline for this show really is a mystery and the audience is left to be their own detective in figuring out what the heck is going on. You’d be surprised how many different interpretations people can come up with for a humongous, inflatable snail. And you’ll most definitely be surprised by the athleticism, bravery and fine-tuned skill of these performers. Boasting an international crew with the best of of the best from around the world, the language of this show is universal and everyone leaves saying “wow”. Get Tickets

Michael Jackson ONE

Follow along with all of the legendary Michael Jackson’s top hits through a vibrant performance unlike any other. Making incredible stunts look easy, this show certainly does justice to celebrating the King of Pop and an unmatched musical legend. The incredible acrobatic feats are matched with equally incredible dance moves, sure to make you want to get out of your seat and dance along yourself. Get Tickets


Sometimes simple is better—as is the case with KA. With a storyline based around good versus evil, the majority of the show takes place on two floating stages. The entire theatre is designed to be incorporated into the show’s set and you’ll spend a lot of the time watching performers in the air. Those that are adventure-seekers will especially appreciate the storyline and is sure to tug on the heartstrings. The real cliff hanger of the show comes with the Wheel of Death—you’ll equally stare in amazement and want to shut your eyes as the daredevil performers fling themselves from a wheel that could quite literally kill them. Get Tickets


When in Vegas, seeing at least one Cirque du Soleil show is a must. With seven to choose from, you really can’t choose wrong. From sexy to scary to family-friendly fun, there really is a show that meets everyone’s needs and will guarantee you leave Vegas feeling entertained. Book Now and start planning your next trip to Las Vegas!

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