Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just all about the Strip. Away from the bright lights and noise is a collection of incredible outdoor activities that people can enjoy. Who would have thought that the desert could be so fun! To inspire you to venture away from the slots and into an outdoor adventure, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas.

Explore the Valley of Fire

A photographer’s dream and home to several blockbuster movie sets, the Valley of Fire is burning up with vibrant colors and incredible rock formations. There’s also a collection of petroglyphs and mysterious petrified sand dunes. You’ll be transported around the Mojave Desert in a massive off-roader with the comfort of an air conditioned vehicle to return to.

Discover the Hoover Dam with an Side of Chocolate

Enjoy a guided tour to one of the most incredible human feats! A short drive from the Strip will bring you to 725 feet above the Colorado River to learn about the construction and history behind the Hoover Dam, in which you’ll even be taken into the generator rooms. As an added bonus, you’ll be treated to an afternoon pick-me-up at Ethel M Chocolate Factory for a behind the scenes look at how their chocolate treats are made—taste testing is included!

Tour the Red Rock Canyon

One of the most beautiful desert gems in Vegas is the Red Rock Canyon. This scenic drive will take you to some of the most photogenic parts of the canyon, as well as a drive through the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, which parts are owned by millionaire Howard Hughes. The hiking adventure then begins at the Red Rock National Conservation Area with a 13-mile scenic loop through cream sandstones formations and a picnic at Willow Springs.

Rent the Convertible of Your Dreams

We’ve thrown this in as an outdoor adventure as, without a roof overhead, it’s technically still outdoors—right? You can rent the Adrenaline Rush Slingshot, which is an open air go-kart that can be driven all the way down to the Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon for the day. The car is big enough to fit a small backpack, so you can bring your hiking gear with you for a fun day’s worth of outdoor adventures!

Investigate Area 51

You’ll start this tour off with a quick visit to McCarran Airport to do some quick plane spotting of Janet Airlines aircrafts, which are unmarked planes that transport Area 51 workers to and from the site. Then, the fun road trip begins where you’ll get to explore key places in the desert in which previous UFO sightings were seen along the Extraterrestrial Highway. You’ll get to get up close and personal to the world’s most famous military facility and get an understanding for how this strange place inspired the hit TV show the X-Files.

Get Wet and Wild on the Black Canyon National Water Trail

Get a healthy combination of a historic and adrenaline-filled bat ride down the Colorado River. This 12 mile journey will get you face to face with towering canyon walls that rise 2,000 feet above, along with plenty of waterfalls, hot springs and other geological wonders. Don’t worry, there will also be plenty of opportunities to get wet and wild with chances to swim in this world class river.

Experience the Bizarre in Death Valley

The largest national park in the United States is home to some pretty strange desert plants and surprisingly beautiful landscape. Your perception of a desert being boring will most certainly change during this adventure, with a conglomerate of unique flora and fauna dominating the desert scenery. Photographer’s are especially hot for this outdoor adventure, with an overwhelming amount of inspiration to find in the vast national park.

Venturing off of the Strip will bring you to some pretty epic adventures. Book Now and start planning your next trip to Las Vegas.

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